Selected Works

Remember Afro Brasil (2019)

Fruta Boa recorded this Live in Studio session to celebrate their 25 years of passion for the Musica Popular Brasileira!

"Room 21" (2018)
Debut album of a very talented power blues duo. Production, mobile recording, mixing & mastering.

"Live In Studio" (2017)
3 days with the band "El Deyma" in London. Recording, mix & mastering.

Live Recording (2016)

Tafel Musik playing at the "MeLaGodo" Festival, summer 2016.

Francesca Ferrari, lute. Dowland – A Fancy, P. 5 (2016)

1-2 Aprile 2016. Solo lute recording.

Compilation ParmaMusica (2016)

CD Mastering, for Gilbert Cerbara and his website

Rocco Rosignoli. Scansadiavoli (2015)

Live in the Chapell recording. A multi-mic setup, looking for a distinctive and “bigger than life” sound. No reverb added!

Low Cost Flocks (2014)

Documentary film. Post-pro and mixdown (stereo and 5.1).

I - A Two Sided Hikikomori (2014)

Dynamic literature to be listened through headphones. Stereo and binaural. (live recording)

Dubbing (2008)
Recording & Mixing.