Selected Works

"Room 21" (2018)
Debut album of a very talented power blues duo. Production, mobile recording, mixing & mastering.

"Live In Studio" (2017)
3 days with the band "El Deyma" in London. Recording, mix & mastering.

Monologo teatrale (2016)
A conversation with Cochi Ponzoni.

Live Recording (2016)

Tafel Musik playing at the "MeLaGodo" Festival, summer 2016.

Francesca Ferrari, lute. Dowland – A Fancy, P. 5 (2016)

1-2 Aprile 2016. Solo lute recording.

Bardigiani Sotto le Stelle Top Show (2016)

Equestrian Art Gala. Equipment rental, sound designer & director.

Compilation ParmaMusica (2016)

CD Mastering, for Gilbert Cerbara and his website

Rocco Rosignoli. Scansadiavoli (2015)

Live in the Chapell recording. A multi-mic setup, looking for a distinctive and “bigger than life” sound. No reverb added!

Low Cost Flocks (2014)

Documentary film. Post-pro and mixdown (stereo and 5.1).

I - A Two Sided Hikikomori (2014)

Dynamic literature to be listened through headphones. Stereo and binaural. (live recording)

Dubbing (2008)
Recording & Mixing.